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Security Training

Alpha Charlie Security is led by industry professionals with extensive experience. Our team includes licensed private investigators, seasoned security professionals, and active or retired law enforcement officers, ensuring you receive the highest quality SORA Security training available in the industry.

First Phase

To begin, you’ll need to register online with the NJ State Police. The application process typically takes around 10 minutes and requires a fee of $75. During this process, you’ll also schedule your fingerprinting appointment. Please ensure you complete this step using a computer, as smartphones or tablets may not be compatible. When you are done, please be sure to print out your Temporary Certificate

Second Phase

Next, you’ll need to register for one of our classes. You can view our class schedule and find more information at the link provided below. Once you’ve chosen the
you’d like to attend, please proceed with the registration process.
The NJ State Police will no longer mail physical SORA cards to your home. Instead, instructions in the following section will guide you on how to download or print your SORA card.
Click returning sora applicant ; Enter your login/password. (If you do not know your login and password you can retrieve them by hitting the forgot login or forgot password link.  Please note that they will ask for your application ID (temporary certificate number, or Certification number (number on your SORA card) in order to reset your login.

2: Once logged in to your account, put your cursor on the word security officer (or armed security officer if applicable) and a drop down box will appear : Click on my app

Security Agency and Instructor and Officer Application Process

class you’d like to attend, please select it and proceed with the registration process.

Third Phase

After completing your state police application, you will find a link to schedule your fingerprint appointment. Click on this link and choose a convenient location for your appointment. The fee for fingerprints is $68.98, which you will pay on the day of your scheduled appointment. You have to have your fingerprints taken before attending our SORA class.

Sora Renewal

  • To begin the process of renewing your SORA certification online with the NJ State Police, please complete the application, which typically takes about 10 minutes and incurs a fee of $80.87. Ensure you use a computer for this step, as smartphones or tablets may not be compatible.
  • To complete the process, please register for one of our classes. You can find out our class schedule by contacting us at, Once you’ve chosen the class
  • Once in my applications, your security card should be available;  click on ID card in blue.  If the card will not open, please unblock pop ups
  • Take a screen shot of  Sora E-Card and save to  phone and/or print it out.  No need for a laminated Sora Card as per NJ State Police . If your employer needs “Proof of Sora Certification”  click on approval letter and print same.


There are several straightforward steps to complete before obtaining your Armed SORA license in NJ. It’s crucial to note that the armed security officer certification does not grant authority to carry a firearm. To work as an armed security officer in NJ, you must first acquire the necessary permits to legally carry a handgun. It’s highly recommended to obtain these permits before applying for your Armed SORA card. If you already possess your Armed SORA card or have applied for the certification, you can still work in unarmed security roles. However, you must wait until you obtain the proper handgun carry permit to work in an armed security capacity. The firearm permit process is detailed below. It typically takes several months to complete the handgun permit procedures.

Before beginning work as a NJ armed SORA security officer, carefully review the steps for obtaining various firearms permits. Ensure you are covered by liability insurance provided by the security company.

Retired Law Enforcement Officer (RPO) from another state or New Jersey,If a Retired Law Enforcement Officer (RPO) is working as a Uniform Security Officer, they must adhere to N.J. Santiago Law and possess either a CCW Permit or a NJ RPO Carry Permit (with a New Jersey address). The age limit for this permit is 75 years old.

HR 218 (LEOSA/Federal Carry) permits concealed carry for self-protection purposes only, not for employment, as per the NJSP Firearms Unit. There is no age limit for carrying under HR 218.

SORA training course includes, but is not limited to, the following subject matter:

  • NJ Attorney General’s Use of Force Policy
  • Terrorism Awareness
  • Cargo Theft
  • Security Measures: Prevention and Deterrence
  • New Jersey’s Critical Infrastructure Awareness
  • Suspicious Letters and Packages
  • Suicide Bombers and Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED’s)
  • First Aid Awareness
  • Incident Command System
  • Ethics
  • Report Writing
  • Street Gangs
  • Verbal Judo
New Jersey State Police Firearms unit RPO Application: